Friday, February 21, 2014


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In the last few years, I have become more interested in building up my immunity (and my family's),  especially by using natural means. And of course it's even more on my mind in these cold winter months, when flu and other illnesses are running rampant.

I have put together quite a repertoire of things I use to "attack" when I feel illness coming on, and thought I would share them here for those who are interested:

1. Water/herbal tea--hydration is always important, but especially when our bodies are fighting something. I drink tea at least once a day when I have cold symptoms.

2. Emergen-C--I have been using this vitamin-packed powder for several years, and really feel that it gives me a boost when I need it. I usually drink it daily when traveling, and at home whenever I feel susceptible to a cold.

3. Berry Well*--While I don't love the taste, elderberry syrup is very powerful in fighting infections. I take this a few times a week during the peak of cold/flu season.

4. Fresh raw garlic (organic is even better)--I'll use it to flavor non-cooked dips like hummus or guacamole, or I'll smash a clove and take it with a spoonful of honey--it's a little tough to get down this way but it works.

5. Smoothies--Packed full of vitamins, especially C--I usually use strawberries, banana, orange juice (fresh or concentrate) and spinach.

6. Salt water--gargling for throat when irritated, and saline solution (spray or Neti-pot) for nasal congestion

7. Essential oils--Monica and I have both been studying these more recently and sharing tips with each other. I have a limited supply of oils (6 kinds) but have been learning how to use them to boost my health. (Lemon for sore throat and eucalyptus for nasal congestion have been most-used here thus far.)

8. Tummy Tune-up*--A super-powerful probiotic that I take (and give the kids) when we experience any sort of tummy troubles. Monica and I are huge fans!

9. Rest--Though sometimes this is the hardest "pill to swallow," it can't be over-stated how important it is, especially when we are prone to getting sick.

10. Hand-washing--I know Eric thinks I can be a little overbearing when it comes to hand-washing, but especially in peak seasons of illness, I am very proactive about this simple way to stop the spread of germs.

Lastly, I also use throat drops when I have a tinge of sore throat, though the kind I've used for a long time is not considered "natural."(And I should mention that we our entire family gets the flu shot each fall.)
So that's my arsenal--I'd love to know how you fight off illness!

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erin said...

we are totally sick here this week -- Harper has it the worst - ear infection and croup. I have been taking Emergen-C as I remembered your recommendation and I think it has helped. I am definitely interested in learning more about essential oils - any knowledge you have, feel free to share! :)

Katie said...

Awesome arsenal, Carrie! :-)

I've been digging into nutrition and herbs for the past half a year now, and many of the things on your list are in my arsenal now too. If I ever get back to posting again, it would probably have to deal with a lot of what I've learned on this note.

Elderberry syrup ~ Yes! I've been making my own syrup with dried berries, and I can give a testimonial that it helped all of our children through influenza a few weeks ago!

Also on your list ~ I have been taking Vit C, garlic, and probiotics/Kefir.

One other thing pretty new thing to me to help with immunity and nutrition in general incorporating more raw/"living" foods into our nutrition plan. Things like barley grass, alfalfa, and a host of herbs are now beginning to fill our pantry. =)

To combat sickness this winter, we've used elderberry, thyme, and ginger the most - in teas or homemade syrups.

I would love to learn about the essential oils you and Monica have been studying!

Blessings of health to you and your family!!

Kristin said...

Thanks for posting this list. I'm definitely intrigued by some of this. We always have a stock of Emergen-C and think it helps us when things are spreading. But I don't do much beyond increasing our Vitamin C intake at various times. That Tummy Tune-up sounds interesting. Do you always take that, or just when sickness is around? Is it preventative or helps when you are actually sick?

Jessica Knapp said...

Thanks for this, Carrie! We are using many of your ideas already, but will definitely try out some of the others.

Also, I always thought I was great at hand-washing, but I've discovered that I don't think I'm washing long enough. I wash frequently, but if I don't take the time to really bubble up, it's not worth it.

Mom said...

Of these, Emergen-C, gargling with salt water, rest and washing hands are my mainstays. I wish I'd had Tummy Tune-up when you and Monica were small! Way to be proactive in protecting your family's health! :) Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

Love love love Tummy Tune Up - seriously, cannot tell enough people how wonderful it is! Should buy stock in it :)

Also, Essential Oils have been a huge blessing in curbing problematic sore throats for me - yay!

Great list, Carrie!

angie said...

I've been thinking about ordering some of the tummy tune up. I see that it is back in stock now. I can't find an ingredient list on their website. My daughter has a sensitive stomach and seems to be somewhat dairy intolerant. Can you tell me what makes up this probiotic? I've never given her anything for her tummy troubles except warm water with lemon and an occasional Tums.

angie said...

I have tummy tune up in my cart now. But I can't determine if the Vcaps are chewable. My daughter can't swallow pills yet.
Also, I used your link, but I'm not sure if the referral code appeared in my account. If you don't get credit once I've placed my order, please let me know. I will make sure that you do.